In a highly competitive environment, our strategic alliances with our global partners are very important. These alliances empower our growth and market diversification. As a result FINSA is recognized as a leader in the industrial real estate industry.

American International Group (AIG) - 2000 - 2010

The FINSA - AIG business relationship started in 2000, it was one of the first strategic alliances in the industry. The FINSA name was consolidated in an international business context after a thorough institutionalization process and strict international standard compliance.

General Electric (GE)
2005 - 2010

A new partnership between GE Capital Real Estate and FINSA was formed in 2005. Up until then, this partnership represented the most significant real estate transaction in Latin America.

2010 - to date

In 2010, the FINSA - Walton alliance was formed. Walton Street Capital, LLC (Walton Street), is an investment firm dedicated to the fund management of real estate. The alliance represents the FINSA’s main growth driver in strategic markets with an aggressive investment program involving new developments and portfolio acquisition of the industrial sector.