We provide solutions for each stage of your real estate project.

With a completely comprehensive "turnkey" approach from start to finish: starting with the definition of the project specifications and site selection, the design and execution of the construction, up to the administration and maintenance of properties in operation.



We design, build and manage strategically planned industrial developments to ensure the success of your operations in Mexico.


We lease industrial properties, “turn-key” delivered and built to meet specific operation requirements and processes of the end user.


We develop industrial buildings in strategic markets ready for immediate occupancy, with a flexible design that can be customized to the end user's needs.


Our business model contemplates the acquisition of your industrial properties or building portfolios in strategic locations. The schemes may include a real estate leaseback or a divestment.


FINSA introduced the concept of Automotive Clusters in Mexico. We have real estate developments strategically located for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and their supply chain.

Our developments offer the opportunity to reduce transportation, inventory, and packaging costs, by facilitating the "Just in Time" and "Just in Sequence" operation.

Parks dedicated to the automotive industry:

  • FINSA Puebla I, for Volkswagen

  • FINSA Puebla II, for Audi

  • FINSA Coahuila, for GM

  • FINSA Aguascalientes, for Nissan, Daimler and Infiniti.


We build communities with spaces designed for the benefit of employees, where they can enjoy their free time and improve their quality of life and productivity.

Design & Construction

At FINSA Engineering and Construction - "FICSA," we design and build your real estate project from start to finish with innovative and practical building practices.

We build optimal and sustainable spaces for all types of industries. On time, within costs, and complying with global quality standards.


Our real estate design, execution, and innovation standards translate into high-performance, sustainable, and superior-quality developments.

  • Identification of project needs
  • Site selection
  • Architectural design
  • Engineering and structural design
  • Infrastructure development
  • Construction planning
  • Strategic supplies
  • Construction management
  • Search and implementation of value engineering
  • Use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology
  • Certification consulting (LEED, Edge, FM Global, among others)


We offer urbanization and infrastructure services for developing industrial parks with a sustainable approach.

  • Master plan and subdivision
  • Water distribution network
  • Drainage and rainwater distribution networks
  • Treatment plants
  • Fire protection system
  • Natural gas network
  • Telecommunication network
  • High-voltage power lines
  • Roads
  • Landscaping

Maintenance & Management

We provide services to REITs, CKDs, and private investors in the administration and maintenance of their industrial real estate portfolios throughout the country.

We serve a variety of industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, electronics, logistics, and metal mechanics.


We maximize the profitability of the real estate portfolios we manage through strategies that add value to the assets, capitalizing on our experience and deep market knowledge.

  • Leasing contract administration
  • Financial and accounting reports
  • Assurance of the maintenance of common areas
  • Property maintenance and improvements
  • Brokerage services
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Consulting and diligence in investment and disinvestment of real estate
  • Advice and legal compliance
  • Lobying
  • Customer relationship management
  • Market analysis and planning


FINSA Energéticos services include the commercialization and distribution of natural gas and the maintenance of infrastructure and equipment.