Sustainable Real Estate

Since our inception, we have incorporated a sustainable approach in all our developments.

Our developments go beyond traditional design standards. We contribute to improving the industry's performance and productivity through innovation and our portfolio's green operation.

We aim to foster an environmental culture throughout our operations, supporting ecosystem care and biodiversity preservation for the benefit of future generations. Our focus remains on ensuring sustainability in all our actions.

Sustainable Buildings

Leaders in sustainable construction in Mexico

We are the national leader in LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified and pre-certified projects in the industrial building category.

We constantly work to improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, reduce water consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and properly manage our waste.


Reduction in drinking water consumption in green areas


Reduction in drinking water consumption inside buildings


Reduction in electricity consumption

Sustainable Industrial Parks

We implement the best practices to improve the operation of our developments.

We recognize the importance of complying with environmental legislation in aspects such as atmospheric emissions, wastewater discharges, soil contamination, risk mitigation, and safety.

For this reason, we have implemented policies and procedures to consciously and rationally use the raw materials we require to develop and operate our industrial parks, thus minimizing the environmental impact.

Today, 17 of our industrial parks have the Environmental Quality Certification granted by PROFEPA.